Big Data Analytics: Tableau + Splunk

Splunk is a real-time data processing tool for logs generated by IoT devices.

Splunk converts unreadable machine data to visual friendly dashboards. All the processing is performed in real-time from all the IoT (Internet of Things) devices that have multiple sources of data like censors, cameras, records, etc.

All the data from IoT devices comes in various formats which could become an issue for any other tool but splunk accepts data in any format and it is not restricted to the way data in inserted. Unlike databases that have tables and columns and rows to hold data, splunk is extremely flexible and turns all the data into something called “events”.

The dashboards are user friendly so they save a lot of time that is otherwise used in understanding the data generated by IoT devices. It makes log processing highly efficient by saving time of employees and in return saving money of the companies


We provide hands-on certification training for Big Data Analytics: Tableau + Splunk

Average Annual Salary of a Splunk Engineer: $155K (source: Paysa)

Splunk Quiz: 10 Questions Quiz

Splunk Interview Questions: 30 Interview Questions & Answers

Splunk Job openings:

  • Splunk Software Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Sales Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Software Engineer
  • Splunk Sales Engineer
  • Splunk Technical Support Engineer
  • Splunk Engineering Manager
  • Splunk Senior Product Manager
  • Splunk Director of Product Management
  • Splunk Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Splunk Product Manager
  • Splunk Software Engineer In Test
  • Splunk Principal Software Engineer
  • Splunk Senior UX Designer
  • Splunk Director of Engineering
  • Splunk Senior Systems Engineer
  • Splunk Software QA Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Engineering Manager
  • Splunk Software Engineer
  • Splunk Principal Product Manager
  • Splunk Senior Technical Writer
  • Splunk Security Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Solutions Engineer
  • Splunk UX Designer Salaries
  • Splunk Technical Writer
  • Splunk Senior Cloud Operations Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Security Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Web Developer
  • Splunk Staff Sales Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Technical Support Engineer
  • Splunk Chief Technology Officer
  • Splunk UX Designer Lead
  • Splunk Technical Operations Manager
  • Splunk Application Engineer
  • Splunk Front End Developer
  • Splunk Advisory Software Engineer
  • Splunk Principal UX Designer
  • Splunk Solutions Engineer
  • Splunk Principal Engineer
  • Splunk Senior Director of Engineering
  • Splunk Senior Principal Software Engineer

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