CASP: The Making of a Master

CASP: The Making of a Master

Not long ago being dubbed a master required either a stellar golf swing or a knack for Jedi mind tricks. CompTIA is changing all that. They have introduced their Mastery Series certifications and initiated the series with the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification. CASP provides a pertinent, highly recognized stamp of approval in the critical discipline of enterprise security.

Recognizing the immense demand for legitimate security professionals, CompTIA developed CASP to follow Security+. In the rare event that an experienced security professional has skipped Security+ while building a career, there is no need to fret. CASP can be taken independently. In fact, CompTIA lists no mandatory prerequisites but nonetheless recommends 10 years of experience including 5 years of hands-on experience.

When seeking a highly recognized certification, would-be masters need not look elsewhere. CASP carries the globally recognized CompTIA name that stands for quality and vendor-neutral universality. Furthermore, CompTIA earned the approval of the Department of Defense for CASP, making CASP a significant stroke toward a DoD career or employment with any number of DoD contractors. It is a now a requirement for DoD contractors to hold the certifications laid out in the 8570.1 directive, and CASP is included.

According to CompTIA’s Career Roadmap, taking CASP also potentially leads to more challenging certifications like CISSP, which was explained more fully in the last blog. The CASP exam covers enterprise security, risk management, and other pertinent topics with a more applied approach. More than just testing knowledge, CASP verifies a professional’s hands-on abilities.

For those looking to demonstrate their mastery of enterprise security, CASP provides a widely respected option. Being a master is no longer just for those with green jackets or even green skin. Instead it is now attainable with CASP.

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