PMP: Making Yourself Management Material

Written by Drew Meadows

Taking the next step in an IT career usually means vying for management roles. Whether you are already a manager or are interested in taking that next step, a Project Manager Professional Training (PMP) certification will set you apart with industry standard information and training. This week, we here at Intellectual Point want to highlight the value of PMP.

What is PMP?

PMP is a rigorous training program for IT professionals with 3-5 years of experience. Since project management roles are more demanding, the course covers a multitude of management topics, techniques, and issues. PMP provides a common framework of knowledge and terminology, ensuring that project managers can maintain industry standards.

What can PMP do for me?

In short, when an employer notices that you earned the PMP certification, he or she knows that you have worked hard to prepare for and complete the course as well as pass the challenging exam. Not everyone makes the cut. As a result, opportunities abound for project managers, and completing PMP demonstrates that you are serious about project management.

Those who are already project managers can certainly benefit as well. In addition to obtaining knowledge and prestige, current project managers could experience an increase in salary according to’s salary projections. More importantly than a pay increase, certified project managers can qualify for more opportunities to manage projects, immensely expanding career potential. Obtaining that additional experience becomes a constantly expanding benefit.

Ultimately, taking the PMP benefits you insofar as you put it to work. With that said, many project managers have personally observed the benefits of obtaining their PMP. Professionals who earned PMP have seen the test as a door-opener, while others experienced pay increases at their current position. Still others enjoyed increased self-confidence, and some even credit their PMP for launching them out of unemployment. Experience will always be critical, but, when paper is all you have going for you, paper credentials can make all the difference.

How can PMP be obtained?

Finally, employers will often pay to improve the quality of their employees. If your company does not already sponsor PMP, it is well worth the time to draft a proposal and work with your company’s HR. As we all know, companies are comprised of people, and PMP will make you a more valuable asset to your company.

Here at Intellectual Point, we are proud to provide this industry standard certification. Stay connected as we explore more of IT’s top certifications. Coming up next: the importance of getting certified.

Drew Meadows is a freelance writer who enjoys learning about new topics and sharing his knowledge. His passions are studying history, playing the guitar and cooking. To contact the author please email him at

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