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ARMY COOL / Army Credentialing Opportunities On-Line

Army Cool

ARMY COOL is a tuition program that pays for training for all qualifying Army Soldiers. So what does the “COOL” in Army COOL stand for? The COOL stands for Credentialing Opportunities On-Line.

What is the purpose of the Army COOL program?

The goal of Army COOL is to help Army service members get certifications and licenses that match up with their jobs and civilian careers. To be more specific, they would help these service members find:

  • Credentials related to an Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
  • Credentials related to Civilian Occupational Pathways
  • Credential requirements and potential gaps between Army training and civilian credentialing requirements
  • Resources available to fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing requirements

How do I get a credential through Army COOL?

Per their website, you can get a credential by following these four steps:

Step One: Utilize Army COOL’s “Find” feature to determine how your Army training and experience translates to civilian credential requirements.

Step Two: After you’ve selected a specific credential, learn about its requirements.

Step Three: Since most credentials have fees attached to them, you need to figure out what resources you’re going to use to help you pay these fees.

Step Four: Apply for and take the appropriate exam through a credentialing organization.

For more details and to use specific Army COOL tools, read up on the four-step credentialing process.

How do I sign up for training after I get the credentials at the Army COOL site?

  1. View our Intellectual Point Training and Certification Page to search for the certification training course. If you are not sure check out our How to Launch Page.
  2. Call us to get registered 703.554.3827 or come visit us in person at 46175 Westlake Drive, Suite 500, Sterling, VA 20165
  3. Once your registration is complete you will receive an email confirmation from Intellectual Point with more information.

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ARMY COOL Benefits

  • ARMY COOL provides qualifying soldiers to explore credentials recognized by the civilian community that can help the soldiers current performance in their Army job as well help prepare for civilian employment
  • ARMY COOL is a tuition program that pays up to $4000.00 for training for all qualifying US Army soldiers
  • Use your ARMY COOL funding to purchase expert Cybersecurity, IT and Professional Development training from Intellectual Point today!
  • Intellectual Point will accept all ARMY COOL registrations.

So why would a soldier want civilian credentials?

Getting certifications can help soldiers in their Army careers while they’re still in service. That said, it’s also helpful when they return to civilian employment. Why? Because it allows them to convert the skills they’ve acquired in the military into the experience that civilian employers understand. That can help these service members find work more quickly, or even get promoted sooner.

At what point should an Army service member start getting credentials?

As we noted in the previous answer, some soldiers seek credentials while still on active duty. According to the official Army COOL website, “it improves the professionalism of Soldiers. If a credential is related to your duties, the Army may award promotion points for earning it.” While other soldiers get ahead on their civilian careers and start working on certifications if they know they’re separating from service soon, those that have already separated leverage the program, too.

So Army COOL works with credentialing organizations?

Yes. They have to because Army COOL is not a credentialing organization. You don’t sign up for or take exams through Army COOL. They suggest you “contact your local Army education office or center to learn more about Credentialing Assistance (CA) and how to apply for credential preparatory courses and exams.”

Who decides on credentialing requirements?

Credentialing boards decide all the requirements for any licenses or certifications, which is usually a mix of a candidate’s education, training, work experience, exams, or other job-related requirements.

Do credentialing requirements vary from state to state?

Many certifications are nationally recognized, but yes, some occupational licenses vary from state to state. If you hold a license or certification in one state but plan on relocating, it would be wise to see if they map over to your new state. To learn more about credentialing requirements as they relate to Army COOL, visit their website.

Who Can Participate

Eligible Soldiers from Regular Army, Army National Guard, United States Army Reserve Officers, Warrant Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Enlisted.

ARMY COOL serves a variety of audiences, including:

  • Soldiers who want to find out what civilian credentials apply to their MOS and how to obtain the credentials.
  • Education, Career/Retention and Transition Counselors who provide guidance on educational, professional growth, and career opportunities and requirements.
  • Army Recruiters who want to demonstrate to potential recruits the opportunities for professional growth and civilian career preparation provided in the Army.
  • Employers and Credentialing Boards interested in learning about how military training and experience prepares Soldiers for civilian credentials and jobs.


  • Soldiers may use both Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) and Credentialing Assistance (CA); however, the combined usage shall not exceed $4,000 per FY.
  • CA can be used for any credential listed on Army COOL:
  • CA will pay expenses for classroom, hands-on, online/blended training and associated materials to include: manuals, study guides, textbooks, processing fees, test fees, related fees for continuing education requirements, and recertification of credentials.
  • Soldiers may request reimbursement from VA using their GI Bill benefits to pay for exams only. o Important! Soldiers may only request reimbursement from VA if CA is not used to pay for the exam. The combined use of CA and VA benefits to pay for an exam is a duplication of benefits and is subject to recoupment.

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