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Intellectual Point Is Helping Students With Disabilities Land IT Jobs

Another Successful IT Credential Fair with Virginia DARS/DBVI

Dec. 10, 2019, Intellectual Point had a successful IT career pathway seminar in Oakton, Virginia. The educational program was organized by Virginia DARS Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services and DBVI (Department of the blind and vision-impaired) communities. This is the second year Intellectual Point presented at DARS and sponsored the event. It was both an educational and very eye-opening experience for the students who were interested in this growing field. We received positive feedback and will continue to serve the disabled community in Virginia with training in IT and IT job placement.


Ishan Jadhwani and Abishek Chadha started the seminar with a presentation on the benefits of learning Python code along with obtaining certifications in information technology. They educated the students on what enrolled students will learn in the upcoming STEM Workshop in Reston Virginia. The STEM Workshop is offered for Summer Camps, Winter Camps, and Spring Camps. Contact us to learn more about this great opportunity for kids 13 years and older. They introduced students to the Raspberry Pi, a mini-computer that helps IT professionals code. The main attraction was the RoboMaster S1 which helps teach students how to code, and have hands-on experience using Artificial Intelligence. 

STEM Workshop

Prem Jadhwani, CEO of Intellectual Point, raised awareness on the shortage of finding skilled IT professionals in both the private and government sectors. There is a huge IT skills gap! He emphasized that various industries need to fill these positions fast because cyber threats don’t wait until you finish a 4-year degree. Large companies like Microsoft completed a 10 billion dollar contract with the government and they need people to fill these positions to fulfill the growing demand. Reston and Herndon are booming with great IT positions available for Amazon’s cloud computing. 



Here is a quick overview of the required classes when starting a career in IT: 

Step 1: The fundamental skills are ITIL training and Security+ training 

Step 2: Find your chosen pathway and stick with it. For example, 

  1. Cybersecurity – Splunk training pathway
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing AWS Cloud Associate Certificate Training 
  3. Networking –   Cisco Certified Training (CCNA). 

Step 3: Expand your knowledge in your chosen pathway. Go deep into that field. The key to success is to pick two or three certifications in your chosen field and be the best in order to build a solid resume. Yes, age doesn’t matter and a college degree doesn’t matter. Ishan who was the first speaker is a Freshmen in high school and has 4 certifications already. These are 3-6 months of programs and you can land a job. Intellectual Point has all the available IT resources for students. You must put the time and be passionate about this field to have success in landing your dream job. 


Digital Natives Logo


Please join the free IT Digital Native Meetup to learn more and familiarize yourself with the growing IT field. It is a great way to network and be inspired by others who are already in the field. We have over 2,300 members and growing! When you attend these Meetups you earn two Continuing Education Units.


Prem also shared some success stories of students that we are so proud of Shivani Karikar, was one of them and has now worked her way up to a six-figure salary with three certifications from Intellectual Point. She started with no IT experience, was passionate, and completed her time to achieve her goal. 

Shivani Karikar video testimony on becoming a successful IT student at Intellectual Point



Resources to help with the costs of IT programs:

WOIA program

VET Tech that can replace GI Bill in Virginia. 



We would like to give a special thanks to Tish Harris of the DBVI for coordinating the event and making it a great success.

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