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Federal Sales Certification Training

Learning Objectives

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The Territory

Intro to the Federal Government, Breakdown of the Federal Market, Federal Capital Planning, Federal Speak, Federal Acquisition Regulations, and Federal Product Certification.

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The Money

Federal Budget Cycle, Color of Money, Federal Buying Cycle, Alignment of Money, Tactical Vs. Strategic Money, and Behind the curtain: Contracting Shop.

Intellectual Point
The Plan

State of the Federal Plan, Total Addressable Market, Marketing Plan, Reseller Plan, Channel Plan, and Plan Your Alignment To Close.

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The Company

Federal Business Essentials, Generating Leads, Qualifying Leads, and Closing Your Opportunities.

Course Details

This 3-Day Course will cover the 4 topics (The Territory, The Money, The Plan, The Company) and at the end you will get a Federal Sales Certificate. This is a hands-on course with group work. It has a limited number of seats so you can work as a team and learn the proven methodology and framework from organic lead generation to closing large Federal opportunities. Come learn how to make a federal sales plan.


How to make money selling into the Federal market?

  • Have you ever closed a multi-million-dollar product sale to a Federal customer?
  • Have you ever had a six-figure commission check?
  • Do you know how to develop a Federal sales plan that will actually generate leads?
  • Do you know how the Federal budget works and its ramifications to your forecast?
  • Do you know your Federal territory’s total addressable market?

If you said no to any of these questions, you should take our Federal Sales Training course. It provides you a proven methodology and framework from organic lead generation to closing large Federal opportunities.


Training program

Course details:

  1. The Territory: Federal territory alignment strategies
  2. The Money: Provides a comprehensive understanding of customer requirements and money into your bank account.
  3. The Plan: Empowers you to systematically and methodically build a Federal business/territory plan.
  4. The Company: How to quickly and effectively execute your new Federal business/territory plan.

You will see an immediate impact

What to expect:

  • Three days of comprehensive teaching and coaching on how to build and execute a Federal sales plan
  • Instructor with 26 years of real-world Federal sales and management experience
  • Quizzes and workshop activities for each section and module.
  • At the conclusion of the training, each student will be provided our Federal Sales Certificate
Enjoy this limited training with a 50% discount! Act fast because it has a very limited 20 person seating available.

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Learning Objectives

Private Team Training

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About Sanctum Federal:

Sanctum Federal has two lines of business:

  1. Federal Sales Consulting: We empower executives with information necessary to make a concrete decision to enter the Federal market by building a customizable and actionable Federal Business Plan. We are then able to provide ​assistance in executing that sales plan especially to smaller to medium size product companies. This includes Sales revenue plan, marketing plan, reseller/channel plan, product certification plan, hiring plan and much more.
  2. Federal Sales Certification Training courses:
    • Executive Federal Sales introduction: This half-day course empowers CXO personnel considering to enter the Federal market. With this information, the CXO will receive a high-level understanding of the Federal addressable market, channel strategy, Federalized marketing, product certification requirements and common pitfalls other companies have had entering the Federal market.
    • Federal Sales Certification Training: This is a three-day instructional course that guides the students through the Federal market including The Territory, The Money, The Plan and Execution of the sales plan, to quickly establish themselves into the Federal market while building a Federal build and close opportunities.

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