Tips to Build a Professional Linked-in Profile


In today’s digital era having an updated, professional LinkedIn profile is essential. It’s the first place potential employers will search to learn more about you, your skills and your employment history.


  • Start strong with a catchy opening statement
  • Use optimized search terms in your summary
  • Don’t be afraid to inject some personality
  • Add context to your career story
  • Brag about your accomplishments
  • Utilize as much of the character limit as you can
  • Keep it readable with short paragraphs or bullet points
  • Don’t go overboard with special characters
  • Use a “call to action” at the end
  • Include relevant keywords in your headline
  • Add your city into your profile
  • Insert impressive work samples
  • Complete your contact information
  • Showcase volunteer or charitable interests
  • Join industry-centric groups

Let our Career Counselors help you optimize your profile. We have the tips and tricks you need make a great first impression. The Intellectual Point team can advise you on:

  • Making new connections
  • Posting relevant and engaging content
  • Seeing who is viewing your profile
  • Finding and joining new industry groups

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