Solution Development and Launch

Solution Developments and Launch

At Intellectual Point we’re focused on transforming the way IT companies break into the government market. We’ve found that many companies have a hard time gaining traction and often face significant barriers to entry. We offer a unique sales and solutions model that allows IT companies to avoid the costly upfront investment in people and infrastructure.

Save time and money when you outsource to our Federal Team. We’ll handle the infrastructure setup, contracts, marketing, channel strategy, business development and outside sales. Once we begin driving revenue we’ll start transitioning operations and sales to you.

Already have a Federal Team? Let us help you with specific capabilities that you’ve identified such as innovative solution development and launch, complex deal support, business development, contract management or lead generation. We can provide support in any of these select areas for a monthly subscription fee.

Let us help you with an effective go-to-market strategy that will ensure a successful launch and on-going execution of your next endeavor.


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