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Business Partners


Why Education Quality Matters to the Business Community

Education quality impacts America’s future economic competitiveness and long-term success. High-quality education will enable the country to produce a skilled workforce, continue as a leader in research and development, respond effectively to globalization and technology changes, and grow economically. Schools & Training Institutes that provide rigorous preparation produce people who are ready for work or job market and who are vital for the future success of American businesses.

Intellectual Point Consultancy / Business Affiliate Program

Intellectual Point works closely with several key business entities through strategic partnerships and alliances. These relationships have been and continue to be a critical component in Intellectual Point’s growth and success. Over the years, these partnerships and alliances have helped us fulfill our shared vision of providing the highest level of IT services to our clients.

Intellectual Point has established strategic partnerships with premier consultancies and placement agencies, in and around Northern Virginia, in order to provide our customers with a variety of marketing, placement and job opportunities upon completion of virtual and/or onsite instructor led training and workshops to provide them with career-oriented jobs in the corporate world. The Intellectual Point Business Affiliate Program provides benefits for everyone – the customer, the affiliate and Intellectual Point. Contact us today to learn more about the Intellectual Point Business Affiliate Program. .